Tax Function of the Future: Turning tax transparency from compliance task to strategic advantage

10/20/2020, 2:00 PM ET


    Does your Tax function know what 'story’ your tax returns and data are telling – not just to external stakeholders such as tax authorities and the public, but also the C-suite? In our upcoming webcast, our panelists will explore the global transparency trend, where we are now, and how Tax functions can bolster their readiness for transparency obligations. For example, Tax should consider:


  • Ensuring that critical reporting positions and documentation are consistent across the globe, particularly given the expected increase in enforcement actions and audits
  • Elevating their function to be a strategic partner to the C-suite, helping to ‘see around corners’ and anticipate issues instead of reacting to them
  • Building sustainable, agile solutions that include dashboarding to enhance transparency and facilitate discussions with the C-suite in real-time

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